A Record of Transformation

by Elizabeth

Why is it always hard to think of something to write when you actually sit down to do the writing, even though, moments before, your mind was teeming with thoughts?

It’s nice to reread old writings. I guess that makes for enough motivation to get some writing done—because I enjoy looking back and reading what came before. The past can’t be replicated, and it’s easy to lose track of the frame of mind you had at a given time, even if the concrete events and happenings can be recollected. Over time, you hope, you can observe an evolution of thought. The changes might be subtle, but they are there, and you can see the mind adapting and becoming flexible and taking new shapes and integrating new knowledge as the years pass on. Having a record of this transformation is a useful thing. It lets you know that you are growing and moving forward, after all. It also surprises you, sometimes, to see the calm equipoise and the insights you once had, and which are still very timely and to the purpose.