Dwelling on Good

by Elizabeth

It is much better to dwell on the good things. I guess the reason is that You, God, are all goodness. Goodness and love are your being, and nothing else can exist in You. In this sense, goodness is a positive entity—a real thing. Ugliness, shame, anything that is not good, that is bad—there is a trace of unreality in it.

How to dwell on the good? What is good? The fall day is beautiful. Blue, blue sky and colored leaves. Cold breeze makes you feel brisk and alive. Friends exist even when communication has been stinting. Friends are happy to reunite. There is a whole lifetime of good reading that lies ahead, and the possibility of knowing and loving and imagining more. The power of the imagination is not lost. It is fully recoverable—an inborn talent, simply in need of exercise. Emotions are infectious—not only the downtrodden ones. Smile inside and smile without—a transformation of the inside reflects itself in some special beauty on the outside. The health of our bodies responds to the health of our souls and minds—they are interconnected, after all. Strengthen two and the last will bear up also.