Fork in the Road

by Elizabeth

Which path to take? The choice is paralyzing: it could root you to the spot and make the whole business of choosing any path at all a needless task, since you would move neither left nor right, forward nor back. How crazy-making! Your feet like stones, loath to be moved, because you carry around the weight of so many predictions and contingencies, worries and fears. Why lead a cautious life? Doesn’t that fly in the face of what you say is your deepest wish? To be noble and free? You say one thing but live another. The doubleness is pulling you in two. Of course it’s hard to move! How can you take a step when one foot moves forward and the other moves back? Your heart is the compass you thought you forgot to pack. It knows true north, and will guide you reliably, recalibrating with every new encounter you have, every new position you take. Just as you must be very still, holding a compass in the palm of your hand, so the needle will settle; so, too, must you cultivate inner stillness, a quiet suspension of activity, to let your heart point the way. Then you will walk according to its directions; for if you don’t walk, you will get nowhere at all. And then what will be the point of all your calculations, since there’s nothing to discover by standing still for the rest of your life?