Odds and Ends

by Elizabeth

Hand-scrawled in a journal quite a while ago.

A man and his boat went to sea
…….to sea
(Oh, his boat he called LUCY LOON)
But the sea was as green
As the split of a pea
And his boat was shaped like a spoon.

If Tim likes Sally
And Sally likes Pip
And Pip likes Mary Lou,
Then all the math
In all the world
Can’t tell them what to do!

Window flash in a cupboard house
clamoring, cupped in a covered door
carrying the cold to a careless couch
collecting cobwebs from off the floor.

What a ghastly wall!
…….What ennui!
I stared at the space
for half of a day —
…….What a waste!
Not a whit I saw
but a cob of dust
and a piece of the wind.
…….What a place!
I’d forgotten my name;
oh! even the fly
disdained to be so disgraced.