General Principles

by Elizabeth

Some general principles I try to keep in mind as I go through each day.

1. God is love and God is always with you and in you.
2. One thing at a time.
3. Take a deep breath to slow down worries.
4. Make a daily plan.
5. When uncertain or overwhelmed, look inside of yourself and try to find the answer before (frantically) looking elsewhere. (More answers are inside of you than you think!)
6. When upset, pray.
7. When about to purchase, ask: “do I need this?”
8. Let go of judgment, unhealthy habits, and all that keeps you farther from God (like fear).
9. Finish and clean up what you’ve begun before moving to the next thing.
10. Speak simply. “Let your ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no’ be no.”

Additional thoughts:

– Choose faith and love over fear as often as you can remember to.
– Positive thoughts create health.
– Don’t be afraid of good things, or of seeing good.
– Be gentle, be kind.