Brief Thoughts and an Old Poem

by Elizabeth

I like simplicity more and more. I know I could be a simple person, but the layers of complication and craziness make things more chaotic than they need to be. There’s a simpleness of heart at the quiet center of things. It’s the mind that keeps on chattering and making things spin out of control and into a world of illusion. Yes, dear mind, you are a nice companion, but you do make a girl nuts sometimes.

What does it mean to be happy in life?

So many people spend their days and nights chasing after such a thing but then they end up with ulcers or breathing troubles or pains in the lower back. They work long hours and bring home money and the outside world wonders over the glamour of their résumé, but at the end of the day they are fatigued and feeling a little dull. What are they missing?

what a little nonsense
grows thick in this girl’s brain!
the tulips are not blooming
the weather is half-fine
the rain is striking windowpanes
in time in time in time