Simple Poems Composed in the Morning

by Elizabeth

My sleeping old dog:
He’s dreaming—who knows what dreams?—
On the kitchen stairs
While the rain rattles the house.
How lazy, how free, how nice.

Draw the curtains closed!
The day has overripened.
We are tired as dogs.
We try to think of sweet things
But all we know is good night.

Cough spittle cough sneeze!
There’s a nip in the night air
And my bones are cold.
Cough spittle cough sneeze shiver!
Is this old body really mine?

Hanging up lanterns
For the winter-solstice feast,
I pricked my finger:
It was the sharp, angry jab
Of a frozen five-point star.

A sad face is nice,
A happy face is nicer:
Think of it like this—
The empty room is peaceful
But the full house glows with light.